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01 January 2014 @ 07:28 pm
I haven't forgotten my tradition to write downmy new year's resolutions! I had a lot of them in my mind, but I forgot all of them. But welp, somethings I can think of.

1. Learn to pronounce the finnish R properly
Some of you know, and some of you don't hear me speak or get the chance to notice it. In finnish, R is pronounced differently from english. The R I use is more of an english one, and despite not being a problem or affecting my life (our past president had the same problem, so no, it doesn't mean I wouldn't be able to succeed in life because of a little speech problem), but to make achieving my dream easier, I will try to get rid of it. I've already started practising, and using it at times on everyday speech.

2. Work hard on acting
I have one production and two etrance exams ahead of me. I still have singing and piano classes. Iäm hoping for 2014 to be a big year for theatre.

3. Work hard on your actual job
Since I workedfull timeand had school at the same time, I wasn't as efficient as I hoped. Despite getting busy with theatre, I now have no school, so I better work hard on my actual job too!

Happy new year 2014! I'll work hard, and hopefully smart too.
03 March 2013 @ 01:34 am

I wish I could be as sure of my success as my friends and relatives seem to be. I've heard it often now, them telling me that once I break through I'm going to be very successful. Rise up extremely fast. Be in movies. It all sounds a bit silly to me, but if only I'd be able to be so sure myself. I used to be so sure when I was younger, but then again, when I was younger, I thought I was the best in everything I did. Silly me.

Having dreams is so weird.

01 January 2013 @ 04:37 am

Wow it's been forever. But last two yearsI've posted my new year's resolutions here and comment on how well I did this year, I'm not dropping that habbit. Last year I asked myself to start swimming, take walks, read more books and study, stay a work-a-holic without the desire to jump off from a building and, getting a grip.

As for swimming and exercising in general, I swam twice this year. Yay. Walks? None. So getting more exercise gets back on the list. Shouldn't be too hard to defeat that record. Reading more books? At least I tried, and I have gotten rid of that feeling that I'm growing dumber each day. But I'll keep working hard so taht feeling will never return, or I'll just grow numb to it. I read at least three or more plays, Looking for Alaska, Around the World in 80 Days, and the whole Hinger Games series.. Maybe not the best of scores but I tried. As for the rest, I guess I managed.

As for my new resolutions:

1. Exercise.

I could cry over this thing. The regular new yea'rs resolution. I'm not doing this to lose weight or just for the sake of exercise, I need it to have a better shot at theatre school entrance exams. I really wish I could keep it this year and stick to it.

2. Finish your novel

Two Novembers back I finished my first "novel", and I started rewriting it, but only got to 1/3 of the whole process. I really need to finish it, jsut like my picture book, which needs a serious rewrite, and my comic book script, which I actually like a lot so far. I like writing but I wish I would have a way to actually finish something properly.

3. Work hard and work good on the entrance exams

Just do this me, please. Please

I think that's it. Asfor other things I'm hoping to curse less and become a better person (not to say if I stop cursing I would be somehow be a better person pfft), but that's just.. that.

On to the year 2013!


Within 24 hours I'll be on my way to the airport and kissing good bye for Finland for three weeks. Yieks.

Funny how you wait for these things all year, just hoping time would go by faster, and when it's right behind the corner you end up screaming, fearing you'll just crash face first.
I'm no novice when it comes to travelling. And this is the third time now that I'm visiting London, and honestly, to me London is like my true home. Yet at this moment I keep hoping I still have at least one more week before I need to go.

What probably scares me is the fact that I am travelling completely alone, with no one there to wait for me. And then I laugh at myself for fearing that, as I am a grown adult, and not a child.

Even my mom said that, when she heard about my very shaky preparation progress. "I should learn to trust adults."
I'm so sorry mom, that my plans are so shaky, but when it's only about me, I don't really have the motivation or brainpower to make excellent plans. Had there been someone with me, oh boy, I would have known month early how exactly the whole trip is going to go, and it wouldn'teven feel like a chore.

Also I am scared the couse will be either too hard or too easy. I'm leaning on the too hard more though, seeing how I needed to learn two songs and monologue, get two pairs of dance shoes and plenty of other equipment just for the course. But well, after my last theatre project, I feel like I can handle this.

That theatre project was probably one of the hardest projects I had to go through, but it was worth the sweat, blood and tears. I was pushed to my limits, and I grew as an actress. Despite biking home crying few times, I was glad for every moment of it, just because I knew I deserved every criticsm I got and I know not all directors are nice enough to tell everything straight to your face. In the end my director just kept praising me for how much I had grown. I'm proud of myself for not giving up on the project just because it wasn't sunshine and rainbows, and giving my all for it.

I'm expecting to have the same treatment from this course. I'm expecting no less, and I want them to give me criticsm so I can give them all I got and grow even more. But it remains to be seen.

I'll try to write travel reports every week, but let's see how that goes.

Bye bye for now.

11 June 2012 @ 06:25 pm
Boy, was it one eventful con. I felt a bit disappointed in myself for not making a huge and great gorgeus cosplay like the Penguindrum one, and I knew I would not be picked for Hall Cosplay this year. But I was so glad to hear there would be Visual Quest. I had screamed with joy and spammed the twitter when I heard the news.

This year Desucon was three days long, so let me share how I spent those days!

This will become a long, long entry, so I shall place it under a cut.Collapse )
05 June 2012 @ 10:54 pm
Good cup of tea.
Rain, when you don't have to go outside.
A nice dress.
Siblings' graduation, and their future plans.
Meeting family.
Surviving money problems.
Completing projects.
Starting new ones.
Playing games.
Meeting friends.
Bright future.
Arriving summer.
Inspiration in the middle of the night.
Dreams and odd nightmares.

Did I forget to mention how I love to be alive?
15 May 2012 @ 12:04 pm

..as it's a morning and I need to do some ARTISTIC STUFF. Like digital painting and scriptwriting. And sush, for me right now, it's morning. Not day. Shh.

Today I'll be sending out my last assigment for school, and tomorrow will be the second last show. Vacation is almost here!
I mean the vacation when I need to complete some cosplays, art, projects, etc etc.

The one thet probably takes more of my time is the artist group Fairytale Travels. We will complete one comic, one anthology, and Sherlock Calendar which we will be selling in Tracon and Helsinki Comic Festival this year. Please follow us on tumblr, by the way!
The whole project started with Emmi's idea. We were drawing at school, when she muttered that it would be cool to have our own table at artist alley, at some con, any con really, and make a comic together. With that she continued "But lol, like we could ever arrange that." Challenge accepted! I clapped my hands together, said I can make the facebook group, asked what's our group's name, when we will be meeting for the first time, and wrote several plot ideas for us to use while on class. And now the table at tracon has been paid, so boy, this is going to happen.

I have realised several times already, that if you get an idea, and want it to happen, you really can't wait for someone else to get the idea and make the arrangements for you. Just like with the 24H comics, I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing, but that's what research is for. No one will teach me or hold my hand as I arrange these things. Thankfully our whole group is pretty knowleagable, so it's not like I'm figuring these things out alone. Well, I probably wouldn't be doing this alone.

This year I'm not only arranging our table at artist alley, and the 24 Hour Comics (which yes, will return this year), but also Zombie Walk. Yes, Zombie Walk. If that's a success and will become yearly event too, that makes two things to arrange every year. ...then what will I come up with after that, I wonder.

I wanted to start my own video reviews, or even Let's plays with Anna (I swear we two have the greatest commentary. You should have seen us play Journey). School would provide the cameras and editing programs, but I probably wont have the time. If I manage to write at least 4 scripts in summer though, I might think about it again. ..But I have my books to rewrite and that has been an eternity project for far too long.

Anyway, enough of this To do list, I'll go make some tea and start working! Hushaa.

Edit: Ah, forgot to mention the aftermath for this post. My mother made her own theory now.
"You know, we have a big house. I'm sure they did that because they were so jealous."
...Mom, it's not the time to use this matter to boost some of that ego. Seriously. And if you think that would make me feel better about the matter, then geez, no!